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The Graduate School

About OSP

The Grant Lifecycle

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides a wide breadth of services to the University community, to include:


  • Meet with faculty and staff to review proposal instructions (RFP’s, PA’s), and steps for proposal application development and completion
  • Develop budgets in compliance with agency and institutional guidelines
  • Guide faculty and staff regarding institutional and sponsor policies and procedures
  • Complete agency forms, assurances, representations and certifications
  • Identify regulatory requirements as applicable
  • Collaborate with partner institutions to secure all necessary subcontract documentation
  • Review final applications for formatting, accuracy and adherence to sponsor requirements
  • Assist with online proposal application and final submission by OSP’s authorized organizational representatives
  • Assist faculty and staff in the use of OSP’s funding search tools and databases
  • Disseminate funding opportunities to the ϲ community
  • Hold educational workshops and training activities on proposal development


  • Negotiate incoming awards with federal and non-federal sponsors
  • Assist with understanding and interpreting complex agency requirements (e.g.,  prior approval requests)
  • Assist with non-financial post-award matters (e.g., no-cost extension requests)
  • Review proposed rebudgets in accordance with sponsor guidelines
  • Assist with the timely submission of interim and final programmatic reports
  • Manage outgoing subawards (e.g. drafting subaward agreements and amendments)
  • Provide general guidance on university policies and procedures (e.g. hiring, procurement, travel)
  • Hold one-on-one meetings with faculty and staff to discuss aspects of post-award management
  • Conduct workshops and training activities on non-financial post-award administration

Updated: September 29, 2023